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Time Slip Regressions
Welcomes You

Past Life Regression Experienced in the Comfort of Your Own Home


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Hypnotic Past-Life Regression

Hypnotic past-life regressions help people to access their spiritual selves.  This access can bring awareness to the conscious mind of things that had been hidden, but impacting the present life.  We don’t remember our past lives because we need to focus on the lessons and goals of this life.  However, sometimes experiences from other lives are still consciously or unconsciously remembered or sensed.  Past-life regressions are unique to each person. A person can experience a past life, an in-between life, or possibly a life that appears to be in the future (That’s not a past life! I know).

About Your Hypnotherapist

     I received my past-life regression hypnotherapy training and certification from the Edgar Cayce Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach, Virginia. 


     Due to my own positive experiences with past-life regressions, I wanted to help others in the same way.  Past-life regression allowed me to identify negative experiences from past-lives impacting my current life.  By identifying these experiences, I was able to set them aside and not allow them to weight me down in this present life.  


Now, I enjoy helping people through past-life regression hypnotherapy.  My clients frequently experience a heightened sense of well-being among other positive outcomes. 


Susan Cimino


                                                              Josephine Hughes


     "Susan is a gifted practitioner. She knows how to navigate each session with the right verbiage to help me find the answers for my healing. She is very personable and a passionate person."

                                                                   Michelle Craft

     "Susan did a fabulous job taking me through a regression! She easily navigated me through the process and got me down the deepest I have ever been in a regression. She has a naturally warm energy that immediately put me at ease. Thank you, Susan, for the beautiful experience"

                                                                      Kate Fortin

     "I had an amazing regression session with Susan online via Zoom.  Her voice is very soothing and I was able to get into a deep state of relaxation.  My experience was very comforting and was full of detail and information that Susan helped guide me through.  She takes her time and is very interested in caring about making sure you have the most of your session.  Thank you Susan! "

Motivations for a past-life regression
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 Flashbacks to another life in this life


To raise your vibration


Seeking the cause of poor health or negative emotional situations

Affirmation of the soul's existence beyond the physical body

To understand connections with people in this life

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To gain spiritual guidance for this life



A desire to meet spirit guides or other spiritual beings

 To contact a person that has crossed over

What do you need for the regression session?

  • A comfortable place where you will not be disturbed/interrupted for two hours

  • Technology adequate to use a Google Meet Video Chat platform for the session

  • Headphones or earbuds with a microphone that is positioned near the mouth (people often speak very quietly during the sessions)

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Regression Session

2 Hours


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