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Susan Cimino
Past-life Hypnotherapist

I received my past-life regression hypnotherapy

training and certification from the Edgar Cayce

Association for Research and Enlightenment in

Virginia Beach, Virginia. 


What are past-life regressions like?

Regressions experiences vary greatly from viewing traumatic or happy moments of a past-life; to seeing a future life; to intermingling with the energies of the universe; to experiencing other realms not known to be of this earth; to lives on other planets; to meeting spirit guides and so on....

Time travel through the higher conscious mind.

Past-life regression is a very personal and individual experience.

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Motivations for a past-life regression
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 Flashbacks to another lifee in this life


To move through time


Seeking the cause of poor health or negative emotional situations


Affirmation of the soul's existence beyond the physical body

To understand connections with people in this

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To gain spiritual guidance for this life



A desire to meet spirit guides or other spiritual beings

 To contact a person that has crossed over

What do you need for the regression session?

  • A comfortable place where you will not be disturbed/interrupted for two hours

  • Technology adequate to use a Google Meet Video Chat platform for the session

  • Headphones or earbuds with a microphone that is positioned near the mouth (people often speak very quietly during the sessions)


Regression Session


2 Hours


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